Web cameras at GB2GP

During the 'big' event s at Gilwell Park, the radio station will often run a webcam or two in the shack so you can all see what's happening and who's operating. These are only operational when the shack is in use at a major event.
Please call back if there's no activity now...

It's always nice to put a face to the name you're talking to, and while the station is operating the webcams will be running... We have a couple for you to view, including Webcam One which is a web controllable Pan/Tilt/Zoom model so you can move the image around and look at what you want to in the station. Please respect there may be several people watching at any time, so don't hog the controls!

Click on the image below to open the controllable webcam in a new window.
Log into the camera with the username 'jota' and the password 'gilwell'.

Webcam photo from last JOTA